Q. Is Perfect Health covered under my insurance?

A. Perfect Health is covered by most major Massachusetts health plans, and more are joining every day.

We currently participate in a number of health plans in Massachusetts including: Medicare, Medicaid and Tufts Medicare Preferred and Senior Care Options, as well as plans offered by Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Commonwealth Care, Harvard Pilgrim, UniCare and United Healthcare.

To confirm your plan covers Perfect Health, call 617-442-8788 or contact your local PerfectHealth location and we will be happy to help you.

Q. With Perfect Health, can I keep my primary care provider?

A. When you join Perfect Health, we will match you with a Perfect Health primary care provider specializing in geriatrics who will see you in your home.

Q. Why should I join Perfect Health?

A. If you’re a senior who would benefit from receiving your healthcare at home, then Perfect Health is for you. Perfect Health is a full service home-based primary care practice focused 100% on seniors and older adults. We work with you to keep you healthy and independent in your own home.

Q. How will Perfect Health be better than what I have today?

A. At Perfect Health, your care team has a smaller number of patients, so they can really focus on you.   Perfect Health coordinates all aspects of your health care – primary care providers, specialists, skilled nursing facilities – everything.  Every Perfect Health Care Team member specializes in geriatric medicine because we focus 100% on seniors and older adults.

Q. How are caregivers involved in the process?

A Family members who provide care are a crucial part of our approach.  We encourage you to participate in meetings with the team.  You’ll be able to communicate with our primary care providers and care managers so you have the information you need to assist your loved one.

Q. Do you just provide primary care? What else do you provide?

A. Perfect Health provides its members with whatever they need directly or through seamless coordination: primary care, specialists, hospitalization, prescriptions, home care, nursing homes etc.  We also provide a lot more: coordinating transportation to appointments, help managing your prescriptions, assistance with government benefits.  Whatever you need to stay healthy, we’ll provide.

Q. What will I have to pay as a Perfect Health patient?

A. Nothing more than your current insurance.  Perfect Health is paid for by your health plan.  We provide and coordinate all your services.

Perfect Health

Perfect Health