Is Perfect Health covered under my insurance?

Perfect Health is covered by most major Massachusetts health plans, and more are joining every day.  To confirm your plan covers Perfect Health, call 617-831-3226 and we will be happy to help you.

If I enroll in Perfect Health, can I keep my current doctors?

As a Perfect Health member, ideally you will choose a new primary care doctor who has experience with your health conditions, along with a nurse, a health coach and a social worker.  We will work with you to incorporate any specialists you’re currently seeing into our high quality network.  We can also coordinate with your current primary care doctor if you wish to stay with him or her.

Why should I switch my doctors?

The best reason to switch is because you want to be healthier and to feel better.  We will work with you to achieve your health goals.  And we will coordinate all the parts of your healthcare so that you can focus on getting and staying healthy, instead of worrying about paperwork.  We will also coordinate with your current primary care provider if you wish to remain with him or her.

How will Perfect Health be better than what I have today?

At Perfect Health, your care team has a smaller number of patients, so they can really focus on you.   Perfect Health helps with all aspects of your health care – primary care doctors, specialists, skilled nursing facilities – everything.  If you need a ride to an appointment, child care, a refrigerator for medications, we’ll even set that up for you.

How are caregivers involved in the process?

Family members who provide care are a crucial part of our approach.  We encourage you to participate in meetings with the team.  You’ll be able to communicate with our doctors and health coaches so you have the information you need to assist your loved one.

Aren’t all of the health providers saying the same things? How is Perfect Health different?

You are right; everyone talks about focusing on the patient.  But most health organizations can’t because of the rules and policies of the medical system they’ve been part of for years.  Perfect Health is a brand new organization – we’ve built it from the ground up so that we wouldn’t be limited by the old way of doing things.

Do you just provide primary care? What else do you provide?

Perfect Health provides its members with whatever they need directly or through seamless coordination: primary care, specialists, hospitalization, prescriptions, home care, nursing homes etc.  We also provide a lot more: a ride to the doctor, help managing your prescriptions, home visits, assistance with government benefits.  Whatever you need to stay healthy, we’ll provide.

What will I have to pay as a Perfect Health member?

Nothing more than your current insurance.  Perfect Health is paid for by your health plan.  We provide and coordinate all your medical services.  There are no co-pays for any medical service or prescription drug, in most cases.

I work during the day, and have a difficult time getting to doctor’s appointments. What are Perfect Health’s hours?

We have hours to meet your needs.  In between visits, you can reach your doctor and health coach by email, phone or text, so that you don’t have to make a special trip.  And if necessary, our doctors and nurses can see you in your home.

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